Advance Machining & Gear is now Advance CNC Machining!

We’ve been doing CNC machining work since 1989. However, we were really surprised by the number of companies who did not know that high speed CNC machining is where we really shine. Here are some highlights:

  • 15 CNCs including 5 that are among the fastest in the machining industry
  • In our inspection area, we have a CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), a Faro portable CMM arm, a Keyence Laser Measurement System, and a Scienscope Video Measurement System. We have the right piece of equipment to check practically any job.
  • Our Beamer Laser Marker can laser mark your part numbers, logo, barcodes onto your parts in seconds
  • Around the clock production to keep your lead times short

Our goal is to become the most incredible machining company in the United States. Here is what our customers can expect from us:

• The best experience for our customers
• Never ship a bad part
• Never be late on a delivery
• The shortest lead times
• The most competitive pricing
• Being incredibly easy to work with

We are very excited about the future!

Don’t worry, Andy the robot is still around and will continue to help kids. Find out more about Andy’s work at