Beyond manual measuring instruments, Advance CNC Machining uses state-of-the art inspection equipment and technology to ensure that your parts are delivered to you right the first time.

Sheffield Cordax CMM with PCDMIS Software

  • Measures accuracy up to 0.01mm (.0004 in.)
  • 6-axis measuring capability
  • Generates comprehensive inspection reports
  • 30” work cube

Zeiss CMM

  • Flexible, reliable & uncompromising quality assurance
  • Portability makes it ideal for first article inspection
  • High speed scanning capabilities

Faro Gage Portable CMM

  • 48” x 24” x 24” work cube
  • Portability makes it ideal for first article inspection
  • Measures accuracy up to .0007”

FaroArm Edge Portable CMM

  • 1.8m to 3.7m (6 ft. to 12 ft.) spherical working volume
  • Accuracy from 0.024mm (0.0009 in.) to 0.064mm (0.0025 in.)
  • Temperature Sensors: Allow the arm to react to thermal variations for maximum portability and accuracy
  • Ideal for first article, in-process and CAD based inspection

Keyence IM6500 Laser Measurement System

  • 100mm x 100mm x 30mm work cube
  • Reads up to 99 separate dimensions in seconds
  • Able to measure multiple parts for accuracy at the same time
  • Measures accuracy within .0002”

Scienscope XT-2000 VME Video Measurement System

  • 6” x 8” x 10” work cube
  • Magnifies parts up to 158 times
  • Measures parts in X, Y and Z
  • Able to import AutoCAD files

Additional Inspection Instruments

  • Gear gauges
  • Thread gauges (ID & OD)
  • Gauge pins
  • Optical comparator
Inspection Services-Sheffield Cordax CMM
Inspection Services-Faro Gage Portable CMM
Inspection Services-Keyence IM6500 Laser Measurement System
Inspection Services-Scienscope XT-2000 VME Video Measurement System