Advance CNC Machining works hard to ensure that you get quality machined parts.

7 Reasons Why You Can Trust Advance to Provide You with a Quality Product:

  1. Beyond manual measuring instruments, Advance uses calibrated, automated inspection equipment.
  2. We invest in CMM’s, optical scanning and optical imaging equipment that most shops don’t have.
  3. Tight tolerances are common to us because of the demands of many of the industries that we serve, including prosthetics and robotics.
  4. Our “quality the first time” success rate is 99.8%, and we’re not satisfied with it.
  5. All of the measuring instruments are calibrated on a regular schedule.
  6. All of our skilled machinists are required to complete training classes to ensure proper methods for inspection, print reading, and job set ups.
  7. In addition to investing in the right equipment for the job, we also invest in the right tooling for the job.