Dramatic Time Savings

Advance CNC Machining specializes in providing high quality machined parts to many great manufacturers throughout North America. Our expertise in high speed, 4-axis CNC machining has allowed us to quietly become one of the most sought out machining companies in the United States. Our high-speed CNC Machines give us the ability to machine your parts at much faster speeds and with greater accuracy than ever possible before.


Dramatic time savings
compared to the typical CNC vertical machining center!

high speed cnc machining time comparisons

Old Machining Time:
240 minutes
Old Machining Time:
600 minutes
Old Machining Time:
270 minutes
New Machining Time:
57 minutes
New Machining Time:
135 minutes
New Machining Time:
71 minutes
76% time savings!78% time savings!74% time savings!


A better made part for less money?

If you purchase machined parts in quantities of 100 or more, you could cut your machining costs by as much as 50% by taking advantage of high speed, 4-axis CNC machining compared to conventional CNC machining. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. High spindle speeds. High speed CNC machining involves using spindle speeds well in excess of typical CNC machines, usually double or triple. Faster spindle speeds mean more material removal in less time.
  2. High tech tooling. Higher spindle speeds can take advantage of today’s high tech tooling that lower spindle speed machines can’t. In some cases, we have reduced cutting times by over 75%.
  3. 4-axis rotation. Most conventional CNC machines are only 3-axis. If a part needs work done on three different sides, it requires three different set ups. On a 4-axis machine, all three sides can be machined in one set up. This saves time, reduces handling and improves repeatability.

Better Technology

Advance CNC Machining relies on the Makino & Okuma brands of CNC horizontal machining centers including the A51nx, the most advanced horizontal machining center in the world. Our Makino A51nx CNC machines take part productivity, accuracy and machine reliability to the next level.

High Speed Machining

Featuring 3 Makino A51nx double pallet machines
Maximum travel – 21” x 25” x 25”
14,000 RPM spindle speeds
Rapids at 2,400 inches per minute
1 second tool changes
30 HP spindles

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