The Word of the Year

A few years ago, I read a story about an author who chose a single word to be a point of  focus for the new year.  She listed some of the words that she chose over the year but I really don’t remember any of them.  In fact, I thought the idea was hokey.

Until I gave it a try.

For my first year, I chose the word, patience.  Patience was not something I worked to develop over the years because I never really thought that it was that important.  As I got older, I realized that impatience is a quality that only a fool would desire.  Patience, on the other hand, is the gateway to quality.  It represents the most valuable asset that we can offer anyone (our time) and, according to I Corinthians 13, it’s one of the two most elements of love (patience and kindness).  Having patience doesn’t mean being a doormat and it doesn’t mean that you don’t have expectations.  It just means that you’re wise enough to know when to wait and when to go.

I encourage you to pick an encouraging focus word this year.  If you’re intentional about it, I guarantee that it will make a positive impact in your life.  The cool thing is that others around you will benefit, too.  If you’re having trouble picking a good focus word, here’s just a few worth picking:  Love, kindness, gratitude, creativity, joy, humility, service, honesty, and integrity.  For a few more, read Galatians 5:22-23.  If a different word seems to be calling for you, you can always change it.

What do you have to lose?